Mixed Use


We have covered a diverse range of mixed use development incorporating retail / commercial space, community facilities and residential uses.  We aim to provide best practice and quality open space for communal areas and roof terraces as these areas are essential to the physical and social health of the occupants and compensate lesser amount of private open space available to these developments. 


Designing living landscapes that complement the architect's vision and create a relationship between the structures and their surroundings while delivering a memorable experience for the occupants requires skill.


At Greenland Design, we approach every project with the big picture in mind. From the flow of water to the local climate. The aspect of the site, position of the structures and how natural light and shade impacts the landscape. Each of these critically important aspects are given full consideration.


From initial consultation through to the final drawings, our process ensures that every project is thought through to the last detail. Greenland Design has a broad range of experience covering a diverse range of mixed use development including retail and commercial projects, community facilities and residential sites.